When Whores Meet Saws

from by Amputated



I trawl, through the gutter, always in search of fresh whore's, to realise my desires

one by one, their flesh will succumb,
they suffer, for my brutal lust,

at last I have found her, a new delicious young whore, drool like a hound as I strap her down,
clutching at my bonesaw, I start to modify her, her body parts become morbid art.

cauterize, seal her stumps with flame,

silenced, by the stitches in her lips, pluck her eyes from the sockets, hoist her up ready to be fucked

from hooks she is hanging, no eyes, no mouth and no limbs, nothing but stumps and a juicy cunt,

I defile every orifice,

trying to scream with her last breath,
as I slowly fuck her to death,

she dies like so many others
bleeding, with my cock in her anus.


from Dissect, Molest, Ingest, released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved