Toolbox Abortionist

from by Amputated



stalking through the slums, and filthy streets for scum to abort,
purging, society of the unborn addicts and whores,

cleanse, the fucking leeches, of their worthless spawn, drugged and abducted, bound, ripped and sawn

clenching the head of the foetus, with my forceps, crushing and twisting as I rip it out of her cunt

gangrene rejected the womb has been infected, twisted and wretched the foetus is decrepit, I smash its head in and rip off all its limbs, sinking my teeth in, i rip out its intestines

cleanse, the filthy bitches, of their legacy, ill show no mercy, to the scrounging whores,

yes there are some who would call me a murderer, but that will not stop me from culling this worthless scourge

blight on a nation, retarded fornication, foul impregnation, grotesque insemination, foregone conclusion, for their fate I have chosen, gutted and broken, their first words never spoken

purge the scum

toolbox abortionist.


from Dissect, Molest, Ingest, released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved