SkullFuck Lobotomy

from by Amputated



So long have I waited to fulfill this, twisted desire to desecrate your innocence, penetrating your inner sanctum, inch at a time ill corrupt your mind,

I must violate, I must destroy, ejaculation, is your salvation

I rip your eye out of the socket, unsheathe my meat and penetrate the bleeding orifice
I impregnate your mental state, as you succumb to the perversion

balls deep, violently thrusting, deflower, erotically lobotomised, taking control through glory holes into your soul

Smashing my choad through your frontal lobe, your sickness grows as I blow my load, ejaculate into your brain,

throbbing erection, indoctrination.


from Dissect, Molest, Ingest, released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved