Six Feet Deep

from by Amputated



missing victims, caged and disgraced , blinded and gagged, then Bled To Death,

feast on the blood of the insane, from the flesh I cannot abstain, sick and twisted torture killer, a cadaver mutilator,

As The Blade Turns they are Frozen At the Moment of Death on a Journey Into Darkness in the Shadow Of The Reaper

The Edge Of The Hatchet,
victims, torn to the born,
butchered, Hacked To Pieces,
Murdered In The Basement

with the force of ten deadly plagues, psychotic mass murder rampage, surrounded by human targets, from my hatred none will escape

suffering in ecstasy, reckless lycanthropy, haunted by the enemy inside, burning blood beneath a black sky,

impulse to disembowel rising

I will tear you up and fuck the holes that i cut into you, 18 days waiting for decay, rape the corpse when skin turns blue


from Dissect, Molest, Ingest, released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved