Psychotropic Suicide

from by Amputated



My mind is scarred by the memories of ecstasy,
I've tried to free myself of these vile illusions,
always in search of the next trip, to fulfill my
impossible expectation to relive the
divine lysergic majesty of the first time,

the dosage must be increased

piercing the vain to medicate my desires,
shudder as it enters my bloodstream, creeping through me,
burning and clouding my psyche, in the worst way,
skin crawls as psychosis grips me, what have i done?

horror's of the mind torture me

demons under my flesh, writhe as my blood screams, everything I detest comes now to haunt me

I must

escape from this nightmare, no matter the cost, panic clouds my judgement, fear strangles my thoughts

clawing at my skin, I cant bare it,
desperate I take up a razor and start to slice,
franticly gouging strips of flesh from my body,
flaying myself to the bone but still no reprieve,
scream as I open my throat and pray for release

begging for death just to be free

as I bleed out my madness, the end takes me.


from Dissect, Molest, Ingest, released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved